“ProtoStar Foundation, through its The Power of Mental Health® program, seeks to help junior tennis players understand the importance of mental health and how it could affect almost every aspect of their lives. Placing a priority on their overall mental health will allow them to play their best tennis, enjoy the sport, and succeed in life. In teaming up with Galea, ProtoStar hopes that the resources we are providing junior athletes will help them enhance, maintain, and optimize both their mental performance on the tennis court and mental health off the tennis court. The materials will complement the information offered by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) on depression, anxiety, and suicide prevention. ”
-Gary P. Poon, President of ProtoStar

Mental Health x Tennis

In the world of competitive tennis, injuries, the pressures of year-round competition, and common challenges like perfectionism, OCD, and burnout increase the stress that young tennis players experience. Learning how to manage stress and prioritize mental health are crucial aspects of adolescent development, emotional well-being, and athletic performance.

Through our partnership with the Matt Stevenson Junior Tennis Tournament (NY), Galea offers tennis players access to a network of licensed sport psychologists, therapists, nutritionists, and certified mental performance coaches in the tri-state area. Galea’s providers can support tennis players at all levels, from youth to pro, as they navigate challenges and pursue their goals in tennis and beyond.

Matt Stevenson Junior Tennis Tournament (NY)

As sport psychologists are now a regular presence on the professional tour, the Matt Stevenson Junior Tennis Tournament (NY) brings awareness about mental health issues to the junior level. Junior tennis players may be especially vulnerable to mental health challenges because they are already dealing with the general ups and downs of being an adolescent. On top of competitive tennis, vying for limited spots on a tennis team, seeking recruitment at a Division I school, or pursuing a tennis scholarship only adds to the pressures they face.

The Tournament’s goal is to help junior players understand the interrelationship between mental performance on the tennis court and mental health off the tennis court. Through informational materials provided at the Tournament, we strive to educate junior players about mental health, destigmatize mental illness, and bring the community together to address the youth mental health crisis.

Galea x Matt Stevenson Mental Health Advocate Programss

For athletes

The Galea x SOCAL advocate program empowers athletes to advocate for athlete mental health through education, peer support, and leadership training.

  • 8 weeks
  • 1 hour virtual workshop with your athlete cohort covering different mental health topics each week
  • Athletes who complete the program will be listed on Galea’s athlete advocate portal alongside SOCAL, collegiate, and professional athlete advocates

For parents & coaches

Galea’s Parent & Coach Mental Health Awareness Program provides parents and coaches with tools and education to support athlete mental health and sport enjoyment.

  • 4 weeks
  • 45 minute virtual workshop each week

To learn more about the programs and joining a future cohort,
please email team@galeahealth.com.

Resource Library

Galea x Matt Stevenson Mental Health resource library contains information for athletes experiencing depression, performance anxiety, suicidal thoughts/suicidality, and related mental health challenges. The resource library also includes mental health resources for parents and coaches as well as sport psychology exercises to optimize sport enjoyment and mental performance.