Galea and SOCAL Soccer are excited to team up to provide athletes with holistic, proactive mental health and mental performance support.

“SOCAL recognizes that mental health and well-being are just as important as the physical fitness of the athlete. We want to help remove the stigma of what needing help looks like. We hope that through our partnership with Galea, we can provide our athletes a resource where they can talk to professionals in mental health that are former athletes and thus understand the pressures and expectations that today’s athletes face. We want every athlete to know that they are not alone. Help is available. You are important. You are valued. This is truly a unique partnership that we are proud to bring to our membership because we believe in you!”

– Michelle Chesters, SOCAL Executive Director

Galea x SoCal Mental Health Advocate Programs

For athletes

The Galea x SOCAL advocate program empowers athletes to advocate for athlete mental health through education, peer support, and leadership training.

  • 8 weeks
  • 1 hour virtual workshop with your athlete cohort covering different mental health topics each week
  • Athletes who complete the program will be listed on Galea’s athlete advocate portal alongside SOCAL, collegiate, and professional athlete advocates

For parents & coaches

Galea’s Parent & Coach Mental Health Awareness Program provides parents and coaches with tools and education to support athlete mental health and sport enjoyment.

  • 4 weeks
  • 45 minute virtual workshop each week

To learn more about the programs and joining a future cohort,
please email

Mental Health x Soccer

In the world of elite soccer, high prevalence of concussions and TBIs, the pressures of year-round competition, and common challenges like perfectionism, OCD, and burnout increase the stress that young soccer players experience. Players that suffer a serious injury are two to seven times more likely to report mental health conditions than their peers. Learning how to manage stress and prioritize mental health are crucial aspects of athlete development, emotional well-being, and athletic performance.

Galea offers SoCal athletes a network of licensed therapists, nutritionists, and certified mental performance coaches in California. Galea’s providers can support SoCal athletes at all levels, from youth to pro, as they navigate challenges and pursue their goals in soccer and beyond.